Aiming high on the Tibetan plateau

AHF supports Tibetans both at home and in exile

The best backyard in the world

AHF works all across the Himalayas

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

He inspires the work of AHF every day.


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Some ride for glory, some ride for good

Sasha Valentine is taking to the world’s highest motorable road on two wheels to STOP Girl Trafficking. 

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Doctor's orders? See a doctor!

Many Tibetans in Tashiling used to wait to see a doctor until their illnesses became severe—or until it was too late. So AHF started a grant to bring doctors to this poor but gracious community.

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Tiger numbers rise, but so does poaching

Wild tiger populations have risen for the first time in a century. But poaching, too, has spiked, and tiger farms are only feeding the demand.

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