Nepal Earthquake


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"People here are resilient, and they will need to be. This will take time and work and help to recover from."

–Erica Stone, AHF President

On April 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, followed two weeks later by a 7.3 tremor. Almost 9,000 lives were lost and entire villages turned to rubble within seconds.

During the first weeks, our AHF field team and Nepali partners delivered food, water, tarps, and hygiene kits to thousands of villagers in six of the hardest-hit districts. But there is so much more to do.


This will take years to come back from. Tens of thousands of people are still without homes, schools need to be rebuilt, and human traffickers posing as aid workers prey on desperately poor families.

But we're not going anywhere – the American Himalayan Foundation has been working in the Himalaya for 35 years. With our partners in Nepal, we're building temporary classrooms, repairing schools, restoring the ancient monasteries of Mustang, and rebuilding a village that was completely wiped out. And because so many young girls are more vulnerable than ever to being trafficked, we've added 3,800 girls to the 11,000 already enrolled into our STOP Girl Trafficking program. That's 14,800 girls now, and we're committed to keeping all of them in school and safe.

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