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RHEST Health

A lifeline for women in rural Nepal.

The indomitable Dr. Aruna Uprety is changing this. 13,000 women in the last decade have been able to visit a doctor – many for the first time in their lives – thanks to her organization RHEST’s (our awesome partner in STOP Girl Trafficking) health and surgical camps.  The camps are a lifeline to care for poor rural women with on-site evaluation and advice from female doctors.  Most women receive immediate treatment, but for the most extreme cases of uterine prolapse – a debilitating condition caused by returning to heavy work too soon after childbirth – RHEST coordinates and pays for corrective surgery. ­

RHEST also holds community meetings and more technical trainings to provide women in rural villages with information to prevent and diagnose uterine prolapse along with other reproductive health issues. For many of the women, who have walked for hours to participate, just being able to speak about their own bodies and health concerns is a relief.

AHF’s partnership with RHEST means that Dr. Uprety can reach women already pushed to the margins by their caste and economic status – and give them the respect and medical attention they desperately need.

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