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Tibetans News

Blog: Keeping connected in Miao

For years the Tibetan refugee community in Miao went without any access to the internet—or even knowing what a computer could be used for. 

Blog: Doctor's orders? See a doctor!

Many Tibetans in Tashiling Settlement used to wait to see a doctor until their illnesses became severe—or until it was too late. So AHF started a grant to bring doctors to this poor but gracious community. 

AHF Family: Michael and Janet Finn at Manjushree School

AHF friends Michael and Janet Finn have been stalwart supporters of the school for over a decade, so it’s a joy to see these pictures of them finally visiting last month. 

AHF Family: Dorje Lama - Four decades of Tibet in SF

We would like to wish our dear friend Dorje Lama of the Tibet Shop in San Francisco a very happy retirement.