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Tibetans News

Blog: Cafe 8848 update

Nyima sat with us in a cozy booth and brought us up to date on his life. The café has been open 4 years now and every year has been a bit better than the one before. 

Blog: Honoring President Carter's 90th

In honor of President Jimmy Carter's 90th birthday today I lit butter lamps at Boudha in Kathmandu, here are the pics.

Blog: 80 4 80 - Commitment to education

After graduating from Namgyal Tibetan High School, Dolkar Lhamo was eager to continue onto college, but, like most other refugees, she was unable to afford it.

AHF Family: Michael and Janet Finn at Manjushree School

AHF friends Michael and Janet Finn have been stalwart supporters of the school for over a decade, so it’s a joy to see these pictures of them finally visiting last month. 

AHF Family: Dorje Lama - Four decades of Tibet in SF

We would like to wish our dear friend Dorje Lama of the Tibet Shop in San Francisco a very happy retirement.

AHF Family: Welcome to the Year of the Snake!

Michael and Janet Finn, angels of Manjushree School in Pokhara, caught celebrating  the new year with, what else, a red boa.