AHF Covid Response Fund

The covid pandemic has encircled the world, and all of us have been affected. The Himalaya has not been spared. The virus has reached there too, sowing the same destruction and despair we are all feeling and experiencing. Nepal is in lockdown and the covid curve is steepening daily, threatening to overload the fragile medical care system. 

If you have been to the Himalaya, you know how most people there still live – on small plots of land, growing much of what they eat, whole families in one or two rooms. And the specter now rising is hunger, looming over towns and villages alike. In the most vulnerable communities, where STOP Girl Trafficking girls live, in the Tibetan refugee settlements, and in the more remote parts of the Khumbu and Mustang, it has already arrived.

These are resilient communities, but they are afraid for reasons you can understand. The danger from predators rises for girls in times of turmoil, as their families lose their tiny incomes and desperation takes hold. Stateless Tibetans are left on their own in the settlements, a crisis within a crisis. And the Sherpas who do the dangerous work on the mountain have lost their livelihood and have no other way to feed their families.

How is AHF responding?

Working with our network of trusted partners, we’re monitoring the situation every day, delivering protective gear to brave frontline health workers, getting out information about how to stay safe, and getting ready to feed people who already stand in the shadow of hunger.

To do this, we need you. This is a hard time for just about everyone, emotionally and financially. But if you can help at all, you can make a huge, lifesaving difference right now for someone – a young girl, an elder refugee, a Sherpa family – trapped in a crisis that is still unfolding. They will be forever grateful to you.

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