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Prevention is rescue without the suffering.

Center: Dr. Aruna Uprety, STOP Girl Trafficking founder and partner

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Stop Girl Trafficking News

Blog: The power of ten

In Nepal passing grade 10 is so significant, it is often referred to as the ‘iron gate’if you don’t get through, it will shut in your face and you will be locked out from further education, opportunity, and any kind of future.

Blog:  Sheltered by STOP Girl Trafficking

Being part of SGT affords an extra layer of protection to girls like Sita. They have field staff, teachers, and a network of SGT sisters who keep an eye over her.

AHF Family: 'I was punched in the gut by STOP Girl Trafficking'

AHF Family: A huge thanks to all of the schools that held fundraisers on our behalf!

A huge thanks to all the schools that held fundraisers on our behalf to help Nepal!