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On March 20, we hosted our 7th Annual Stop Girl Trafficking evening with Dr. Aruna Uprety. Thank you for making it a great success!
An introduction was provided by the inimitable Jon Krakauer. This year, Aruna was joined by two other remarkable people:Siddharth Kara and Kimberly Chambers

Kimberly shared her stories of courage and reminded us about the advantages of “opportunity and geography” we have. Siddhartha drew on his many years of research and walked us deep into the persistent underworld of modern slavery, and reminded us how education is a uniquely effective tool to prevent young girls from becoming victims of trafficking. And our partner, Dr. Aruna Uprety, closed her own remarks by sharing a rough translation of a poem one of the SGT girls wrote: “Now, going to school, I don’t need to sell myself. Now being in school, I can see my future. My heart says thanks to you, for helping me find myself.”

Stay tuned for upcoming event updates here. For now, a look at some of the moments from our SGT evening: