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Life-saving. For many across the Himalaya, healthcare is unaffordable and out of reach. We build and support health clinics, fund health workers and supply medicines to bring care to poor, off-the-grid communities—often to Tibetans and Nepalis who may have never seen a doctor before. And for the nomads who live on the Tibetan plateau, we help communities build clean water pipelines that prevent disease and free women and girls from spending their days carrying water long distances.

Life-changing. In Nepal 27% of children under the age of 15 suffer from some form of disability, often from untreated injuries, that can condemn them to a lifetime of suffering and isolation. We support a world-class orthopedic hospital, whose caring staff skillfully mend the bodies and spirits of the poorest Nepali kids in need of care, for little or no cost.

Oral health is important, too. The highest dental clinic in the world serves locals and trekkers in the Khumbu—and teaches Sherpa children how to keep their smiles bright.


transformative surgery to heal a disabled child's body and spirit