Bishwakarma Puja

Gokarna, resident Brahmin, performing the Bishwakarma puja.
To celebrate, images of Bishwakarma are brought into workshops and street processions all over Nepal. Machines—including vehicles—are adorned and worshiped.
One coconut was harmed in the making of this puja.

Bishwakarma Puja is a day of celebration for Lord Bishwakarma, the divine architect. It is a tribute not only to those who work in the engineering and architectural community, but also to artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, and industrial workers. Regional Director Bruce Moore celebrated with some friends and sent these photos. Bruce reports:

“We sacrificed a coconut instead of an animal (which is allowed). Newars have a slightly different date than others, and as our driver Raju is a Newar, we use 21 Oct, not 18 Oct.”