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How this Missouri teen banded his community together to STOP Girl Trafficking

Jay Mehta, a student from Kansas City, rallied his community to raise $1,000 for STOP Girl Trafficking. That's ten more girls in school and safe!

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AHF Star: Phyllis Kurzer

Phyllis Kurzer, founder of Karma Mala, has turned her passion for keeping girls safe into gorgeous, handcrafted malas—and she has already helped over 500 girls.

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Art with heart

Art has the power to change perceptions—and in the case of social venture shakti, the power to change lives. shakti founder Mohini Malhotra hosted a benefit featuring women artists in emerging markets to help STOP Girl Trafficking.

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I was punched in the gut by STOP Girl Trafficking

Rafferty is hoping to keep another 50 Nepali girls safe in school for a year.

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A huge thanks to all of the schools that did fundraisers on our behalf!

A huge thanks to all the schools that did fundraisers on our behalf to help Nepal!

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Teens Against Trafficking

These 8th graders went on a grand adventure in March: they traveled to Nepal for the 70 mile Everest Base Camp trek, all to benefit STOP Girl Trafficking!

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