Making miracles happen

A Sherpa boy no longer burdened by a twisted spine, thanks to the skilled and compassionate surgical team at our Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (HRDC). Definitely worth a selfie. Photo courtesy of Luigi Fieni, 2018

Our relationship with HRDC goes back to 1988 when we met Dr. Ashok Banskota, a US trained orthopedic surgeon in the small, low cost, pediatric center for poor disabled children he was running in Kathmandu. He asked for an autoclave and we bought him one. It was the beginning of a long and stellar partnership. Later we helped him build a first-world pediatric orthopedic hospital and rehabilitation center just west of Kathmandu, that now has five ORs and can accommodate 100 children. For the past 25+ years we have helped pay for surgeries, physiotherapy, and the manufacturing of assistive devices that have healed some 90,000 children.

A visit to HRDC makes my week. Seeing firsthand the life changing procedures and therapies Dr. Ashok and now his son, Dr. Bibek and the team offer these children is to witness miracles over and over again.