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Syabru: rebuilding a village

The two earthquakes of April 25 and May 12 last year brought down every home in the settlement of Syrabru. Thankfully, new earthquake-resistant homes are beginning to come up, one by one.

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Mime over matter

AHF's Bruce Moore explores the resiliency of Upper Mustang in the face of a devastating earthquake.

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More temporary learning centers = more TLC

In the quake-ravaged district of Sindhupalchowk, an estimated 80% of homes were destroyed and almost 2,000 lives were lost. We've ‘adopted’ seven public schools there.

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One month on

AHF Regional Director Bruce Moore reflects on the situation in Nepal, one month after everything changed.

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Kahule, part 2: special delivery

Three miracles happened: the road to Kahule was free of landslides, tarps became available, and we found a truck to bring them to our women's co-op five hours outside of Kathmandu.

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A bit of good news

After so much bad news, we were were delighted to get this email from our partner, Child Haven.

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