Report from Kathmandu

Kathmandu: Tent City.
Some people are starting to set up little stalls and sell things again, though almost all of the stores are still closed.

We circled for two and a half hours before we could land; the airport was full of relief planes and rescue workers from India, U.S., Poland, Belgium, and more. As we came down over the city we could see tarps everywhere - dots upon dots of orange and blue - with everyone taking shelter outside.

We have a nice tent to sleep in, thanks to Tsedo. Norbu and I are camping in the garden outside his house - the hotels are either shut from damage, or the guests are sleeping outside on the grounds.

We woke at ten to a big shake, everyone milling around, but went back to sleep until the crows and songbirds roused us at dawn.  Took a walk with Tsedo down the street to say hello to his neighbors.  All of them are sleeping in a big open courtyard under an overhang. Gracious to us even in this moment. So Nepal.

Walked through Patan yesterday and Durbar Square and then Bouddnath: lots of damage, but people are back in the streets, walking, talking, trying to figure out their lives again.

Lots of worrisome news from the villages, or, more  worrisome, silence.