When girls win, we all do

AHF directly helps more than 50,000 girls and women: girls at risk of being sold, orphans who need shelter and safety, patients in need of medical care, students, farmers, nuns, elders, Tibetan nomads, and budding entrepreneurs. We asked some of them how, as women, AHF has affected their lives:


“Without the support that I have been receiving, it would have been impossible for me to continue my education and most probably I would have become victim of early marriage.”

   - Lakdoma Sherpa, Grade 11, studying Management, Ramechap


“I consider myself fortunate to be a part of AHF and STOP Girl Trafficking. I'm thankful for becoming an independent and successful woman as a midwife, the first in my community.”

   - Pinki Sarki, year 3 Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM), Seti Technical School, Dipayal


“I belong to a community where girls’ education is thought a worthless effort. Among five siblings I am the only one who has gone to school and feel capable and confident. This is only because of the support that I have been receiving from AHF.”

   - Tahira Khatun, Grade 12, studying Education, Tanahu


“I have become independent and am able to be a good manager and run a local organization because of AHF and STOP Girl Trafficking. Thank you AHF for the guidance to transform me into a strong woman.”

   - Laxmi Giri, local NGO staff, Kaski


“AHF was the only one who trusted and supported me to work in my village. I am very delighted to work here where people admire me for the work I do. AHF is a guardian for me.”

   - Maya Devi, founder of UWSLO, a co-op that helps women achieve financial independence through agriculture and goat-breeding


“AHF has made me independent and has given me an opportunity to be a voice against women's violence in my community.”

   - Indira Lama, support teacher for STOP Girl Trafficking, Kavre


“RHEST has helped a girl from a marginalized community to become an independent lady with a goal in her life.”

   - Pusta Magar, Local NGO staff, Udhayapur


“AHF made me understand that a country can prosper only by empowering women. I have become a strong woman and am able to work for girls to make their life better.  Thank you AHF/ RHEST for making my dreams come true.”

   - Aruna Timilsina, STOP Girl Trafficking support teacher; Bhaktapur


“[AHF support] has made me an orthopedic surgeon with many visions, from a shy and unconfident woman.”

   - Dr. Shilu Shrestha, surgeon at HRDC who received her Masters in Orthopedic Surgery with support from AHF


“Even though I was born in a family/community where daughters are not sent to school, I got support which enabled me to gain knowledge. Because of this knowledge, I could save myself from risk factors and now I am able to protect more girls who face such risks.”

   - Sancha Maya Tamang, member of a STOP Girl Trafficking alum group, Sindhupalchowk


“AHF made me an educated, confident and independent woman, and I am able to share my knowledge to others girls in my community.”

   - Dilu Kumari Khatri, Local NGO staff, Banke


“I received tailoring training from BSC and with a loan from BSC I have opened my own tailor shop. This skill has made me independent and self-sufficient.  I have realized that if a woman is financially secure she becomes confident.”

   - Bhawana Karki, member of a STOP Girl Trafficking alum group, Makwanpur


“AHF not only supported my education, but also encouraged me to pursue my dreams. What I’ve learned I have been able to put into practice, which helped me move ahead in my community and become an example.  Through AHF I also received training and I'm working as a social mobiliser for my community.  I'm empowered to work for women's rights.”

   - Laxmi Chaudhary, STOP Girl Trafficking alum and RHEST board member


“Living and working in male dominated society, AHF has helped me connect and relate with other women and carve a space not just for myself but all women I work with. Though it is always good to hear about ‘women empowerment’ and ‘equality’, working in the different AHF projects has taught me that women have to work equally hard to be brave and stand tall when needed to make these words into reality.”

   - Charu Pradhan, Deputy Field Director, AHF Field Office in Kathmandu