Beautiful, wild Mustang in photos

Every year after the planting season is over in Upper Mustang, the Kangyur volumes are taken out and villagers carry them on their backs in a procession around the fields in a prayer for a healthy harvest. Kangyur is the Buddhist scripture “the translated words of Buddha”, and Monlam means procession. The 108 volumes of Kangyur manuscripts were traditionally stored in the old palace at Charang (above), but since the earthquake made the palace unsafe they are now kept in the gompa. As the Kangyur Monlam passes, bystanders touch their heads to the holy books to receive a personal blessing.

Charang’s Kangyur Monlam is a prime example of an ancient tradition being practiced with more fervor because of the increased number of monks and nuns. Buddhist scripture, and religious art and music, are being taught to a new generation, ensuring these elements of Loba culture will live on.