Safe in the green, green grasses of home

Peaceful, luxurient rice paddies in the hills of Nepal belie the risks girls who work in them face: trafficking, exploitative labor, child marriage. Our STOP Girl Trafficking Project keeps them safe in the green, green grasses of home. Photo courtesy of Ram Prasad Pandey, 2017

Together with our partner, the amazing Dr. Aruna Uprety, AHF has been preventing girls from being trafficked in Nepal for over 25 years. By paying their school fees, buying them uniforms and supplies, and building a network of support and encouragement around them, AHF has kept 23,000 girls from poor families across the country in school and safe from the evils of the darker side of life in rural Nepal. In 2020 we have over 12,000 girls in our care.

I’ve been privileged to have visited thousands of these girls and watched them grow into educated and confident young women, who are now role models and mentors to their younger SGT ‘sisters’.