Dog day afternoon

In Nepal, every dog really does have its day. Hindus across the country are celebrating the Tihar festival, and the second day of the holiday week, celebrated Saturday, is reserved specially to honor our four-legged companions. On Kukur (dog) Tihar, canines can be derelict from duty—a prime opportunity to be fed special treats, accept a tika and marigold offering, or catch a nap in the sun. 

The five days of the Tihar festival are:

Day 1, Kaag Tihar – worship of crows

Day 2, Kukur Tihar – worship of dogs

Day 3, Gai Tihar – worship of cows
and Laxmi Puja – Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, is honored in the evening

Day 4, Goru Puja – worship of oxen
and Mha Puja – worship of own soul

Day 5, Bhai Tika – sisters honor their brothers