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Home, sweet home

Some may call it an orphanage, but for the 84 children who live, study, and play together at Child Haven, it’s a big, loving family.

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Gai Jatra: Cow Festival or Day of the Dead? It’s both, actually

Nepal's Gai Jatra festival is a day to remember the departed—and a celebration of life.

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Back to school, when it's open

The gaps in Nepal’s educational system, and in how girls and boys are treated, can feel like a chasm at times. But SGT is helping to fill those cracks.

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Dog day afternoon

In Nepal, every dog really does have its day. During the Kukur Tihar festival, canines get the royal treatment.

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Tiger numbers rise, but so does poaching

Wild tiger populations have risen for the first time in a century. But poaching, too, has spiked, and tiger farms are only feeding the demand.

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Big smiles at Namche Dental Clinic

The world's highest dental clinic is taking patients again after a brief winter hiatus.

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