Meet Luigi, the maestro behind the mural renaissance in Mustang

For nearly 20 years, Luigi Fieni has traveled from his native Rome to Lo Monthang, a medieval walled town at 12,000’, to spend half the year lovingly and meticulously restoring 15th century wall paintings. Along the way, he has trained over a hundred local artisans – turning farmers into artists – by demonstrating and encouraging his trainees to coax long-hidden masterpieces back to their former glory.  The emergence of the deities, freed from the soot and grime to be once again worthy of worship, has sparked a cultural revitalization.

Luigi’s dedication is profound and the renaissance is real. But there have been twists and heartbreaks along the way. Come hear Luigi describe bringing the gods back to life and, with them, the soul of Mustang. RSVP here.

You can see the events details here.

Here are a few photos of the restoration work being done in Mustang: