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Happy Mother’s Day! Gratitude to all of you!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms, grandmas, aunties, big sisters, and anyone else stepping up to the role! We hope you are able to celebrate today with someone you love – even a phone call or video chat. Thank you for holding up at least half the sky! Meet some of AHF’s treasured momo-las (‘grandmas’)

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4.5 Million Meals Delivered

Walking through the cold winter winds, I began to realize how harsh and difficult life is in Mustang. This was the first time I was in Mustang in the winter, I had only seen it during the nice summer months. People looked wearier, maybe it was because of the sand and dust on their skin or the burden of the pandemic or both.

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Tashi Delek! Thank you for joining us!

Tashi Delek! Thank you so much for joining us for our first virtual Infamous Annual Dinner, Nourishing the Soul & Staying Connected in 2020. There was a little technical glitch in the beginning, so if you missed anything, you can watch it at your convenience here.

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Compassion in exile – see your impact!

Thank you! Tu che chey! You made all this much needed help possible.

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Dividing lines: A girl's life in rural Nepal

We stopped into a school where some of our STOP Girl Trafficking girls were writing essays and drawing pictures of what their lives are like. Their reality is stark.

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