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Far and wide: HRDC's network of amazing doctors

Bishal Rana Magar and some friends went swimming in the nearby river. In a freak accident, the riverbank collapsed and buried him. His friends dragged him out, unknowingly dislocating his spine.

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The hidden toll of living with disability in Nepal

HRDC works tirelessly to rebuild the confidence and social skills of their patients.

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Uprooted in Namche

Nawang Doka Sherpa, who runs the dental clinic in Namche, managed to treat one last patient just before bad luck struck again.

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Emergency medical camps

Despite injuries and ailments, the mood was heartfelt at the emergency medical camp we held for the local community in Boudha.

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Some happy campers in spite of it all

Our partner HRDC has been conducting field clinics in the hardest-hit areas. Two weeks after the first quake, Bruce visited the village of Jyamire, the fourth out of 20 planned camps.

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Big smiles at Namche Dental Clinic

The world's highest dental clinic is taking patients again after a brief winter hiatus.

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