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Reviving a temple: Final pieces of the Thubchen puzzle

What does it take to revive an ancient temple? Two decades of total commitment, meticulous artistry, and detective work with His Holiness the Sakya Trizin.

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Summer's end, the Yartung Horse Festival

Yar tun marks the end of the lazy days of the growing season and the start of the hard work of the harvest. The ancient festival was revived in Lo Manthang about 15 years ago.

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Meet the first Loba doctor

When Wangdi was a young boy growing up in a low-caste village near Lo Manthang, he witnessed his sister’s death—something that could have been prevented if there had been medical care available.

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The Great Escape, pt. 2: Return to Lo Manthang

Luigi Fieni, AHF art conservator, returns to Mustang to discover the fate of the gompa wall paintings he has poured his heart into.

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Journeys through Lo

Upper Mustang, the former Kingdom of Lo, is a time capsule of Buddhist culture, with sacred sites dating back to the 15th century.

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