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My two weeks with the Māori

Kia ora! I just got back from Aotearoa, New Zealand, where I spent two fascinating weeks immersed in the Māori way of life.

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65 years on Everest

On the 65th anniversary of his father and Sir Ed climbing Everest, Norbu reflects on everything that has changed in the Everest area since then, and what lies ahead for the Sherpa people.

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Sherpa community celebrates reopening of Khumjung Gompa

400-year-old Khumjung Gompa, damaged beyond repair by the earthquakes, joyfully reopened its doors to the Sherpa community again this weekend.

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How this Missouri teen banded his community together to STOP Girl Trafficking

Jay Mehta, a student from Kansas City, rallied his community to raise $1,000 for STOP Girl Trafficking. That's ten more girls in school and safe!

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The last king of Mustang (1930-2016)

This weekend marks the end of 49 days since the death the Raja of Mustang Jigme Palbar Bista. Buddhists believe it takes 49 days to guide the spirit to the next life through prayers.

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Business as usual on Everest

One year after the tragedy on Everest, there are more climbers than ever and it's looking like business as usual.

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