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A visit to Kavre

Charu and Namrata visited Patlekhet and Pusrathunka villages to check in with our SGT girls in this earthquake-ravaged area.

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Hari Siddi

Despite worries and hardship, the residents of Hari Siddi retain their typical Newari generosity and hospitality – both camps invited us to join them for a lunch of rice and lentils.

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Keeping spirits up in Sankhu

The girls and their families appeared to be in reasonable cheer, despite having lost their homes and living in makeshift tent shelters.

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Kathmandu, part two

Erica and Norbu camp out in Tsedo's garden and survey the damage in Kathmandu the first days after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

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Finding a voice

Manju Joshi endured months of abuse in India before she was rescued and enrolled in STOP Girl Trafficking.

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